Our Tips to Help Keep You Motoring this Winter

  • Battery: Don’t get stranded this winter. Most batteries have a life span of between two and four years. Cold weather makes your car battery work much harder so check to make sure your car battery has the strength to survive this winter and replace if necessary.
  • Windcreen: Make sure you invest in some de icer and an ice scrapper this winter to remove winter frost from all types of car glass quickly and efficiently. Don’t forget to keep your windscreen clean with winter windscreen wash
  • Antifreeze: Check your car coolant and top up regularly to prevent your engine from freezing this winter.
  • Tyres: Invest in a set of snow tyre socks to enhance tyre grip on the snowy roads. Before purchasing remember to check the size of your existing car tyres- tread width, profile height and wheel diametre
  • Lights: keep your lights clean and check bulbs so you will be prepared for the shorter winter days